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3 Easy Tips to Get Starcoins and Diamonds for Free

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Tips to Get Free Starcoins and Diamonds at MSP

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If one wants to get through the popular online game MovieStarPlanet, there are various methods to actually fetch starcoins and diamonds in the game. In the course of game, a player must have starcoins and diamonds with him to further acquire more and more cool stuffs like clothes and accessories.

If one wants to fill his pocket with starcoins and diamonds, he may require to pay some real cash for the VIP membership. This isn’t feasible for all the players, although MSP being so addictive it might convince anyone to pay. And if someone wants to get through without paying any cash, he must look around for the MSP game hack.

Get Yourself a MSP Game Hack Tutorial

In order to get free starcoins and diamonds in the Movie Star Planet Game, a player must be looking out for some MovieStarPlanet hack tutorial in the vicinity of gaming arena. Although getting the hack is very much tricky but once understood, it’s all easy.

The player just needs to hit that Get Started button and an how complete the Step 2 of Authentication process which will flash on the display automatically. Now, it’s time to search every nook and corner of hack tool for Movie Star Planet membership and relative resources.

After qualifying the needed resource, just tap the generate button and mention the required quantity of Starcoins and Diamonds for you play the game. And Voila! The player have got the VIP member absolutely free with desired number of Starcoins and diamonds.

Now to access the game with the bunch of starcoins and diamonds, the player will have to again login with his new VIP membership.

VIP Membership Brings New Features

After logging with VIP membership, the player will get to see some of the new features on his system and those are called the VIP hack tools. It is necessary to be on the latest version of the Movie Star Planet to get access of hack tools on the game.

One of the important link which can solve your furtherance is SharpDownloads which one can find in the hack tools.

The feature will be the combined link for the player to upgrade his game into latest one and will than connect it to the MSP game hack. The feature is thought to be the most significant of all and will reward the player with plenty of Starcoins and diamonds.

What is the Ultimate Reward?

The VIP membership is all, one can dream of in the Movie Star Player, as it brings StarCoins and diamonds in abundance. And all those StarCoins and diamonds can get desired clothes and decorating accessories.

Apart from this, a player will always be aware of any issues and errors in the game along with regular updates to keep up the game in pace. Overall, the tool offers privilege while playing the game with free StarCoins everyday making it a must have trick.

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Secret Tips for Android & iPhone Users of MovieStarPlanet

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Game developers are always behind the concept to actualize the imagination in order to suffice the needs of gamers. Here, in the popular MovieStarPlanet, the gamers can experience the limelight and the joy of being a celebrity with loads of money virtually. Sounds exciting? If yes, then be ready to dive into the glamorous world of movie star and celebrities.

What is so great about MovieStarPlanet Game

The game is a total fun and while playing, it will give an immersive experience to the gamers by providing them with a privilege of becoming a fashionable avatar. The player is free to choose his dressing outfit and can also invent movies. MovieStarPlanet will make its users lose their sense of time as it allows the user to appear in any avatar of his preference and let the user discover his artistic skills by the means of styling up his character in numerous ways.

image of moviestarplanet for iphone

Players of this game can also use the MovieStarPlanet hack to get unlimited starcoins, world locks, and even gems and then they can use them to style up their characters and many more things. It is one of the innovative and interactive game which will let its users enjoy the stardom by their own wish. And for those who always look for something cute and lovable within their journey, there is a sweet little pet, Boonies, to stretch that smile a little extra.

Not to Miss Important Updates

MovieStarPlanet on iPhone will have always latest updates for its users. The agenda here is to regularly fantasize its users with latest features such as pet caring, designing of clothes, decoration of the room and having some leisure time while watching Youtube Videos on the go.

The developers at MovieStarPlanet are always behind the idea of providing something new and attractive to their users in order to make the most of it. Some of the cool new features after the latest update are:

  • Fashionista Clothes designing
  • Pet caring
  • Movie Designing
  • Artbooks and Avatar Designing
  • CHAT room for having conversations with New Friends
  • Watch Youtube Videos
  • Gameplay

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Things to be considered before installing MovieStarPlanet on iPhone

There are some preliminary checks before a user can go further to download and install the MovieStarPlanet on his iPhone. So, let’s go through those steps and make the installation smooth and easy. First of all, the game requires the OS 5.1.1 or above, so if in case a user hadn’t got his iPhone updated, he is now required to update his OS vehicle will allow him to jump one step ahead in the installation process. After the latest update, the user now needs at least 98.6 MB of storage free on his device to completely unzip the installation of the game, so, it is suggested that he can uninstall any unnecessary application on his iPhone.

Now, the user will have an important choice in which he has to choose the latest game version i.e. Version 19.3 to fully experience all those elaborated gaming features including the CHAT room. The feature will give its users the choice to chat between the game with other active users in real time.

Now in the next step, a user can also choose his preferred language other than English like Portuguese, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Swedish or even accustomed Chinese. The multiple language features will give liberty to understand the game more easily and will help in making new friends according to the suitable language.

MovieStarPlanet is for both Android and iPhone

The game is popular for its movie creation feature which allows its users to present their artistic skills on the platform where one can share his creation online. This activity is also recognized by the game currency called StarCoins.

MovieStarPlanet is an ultimate place for truly unleashing your artistic potential along with interaction with new friends online in a CHAT room. Children will have a fun time playing the game while understanding the actual designing techniques through virtual means. The game can also be fast-forwarded by paying a certain amount to quickly evolve the characters and the gameplay. MovieStarPlanet can be enjoyed on all the platforms including Play Store, App Store and on PC.

moviestarplanet tips

4 Simple Tips to Play MovieStarPlanet

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Don’t got time to read and test these 4 tips to get MSP starcoins fast in game?

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Master the Game Moviestarplanet

The game is a sensation in online and the gaming community and to secure your position high in the gameplay, one must be acquainted with some good old fashion tips. The Internet is full of tips and tricks to surpass the game plays in Movie Star Planet but all those are just not sufficient all the time. And the tips which a player is required to know will not only help him get through the game but will also help him to be consistent in a higher position.

Fashionable Avatar is the Key

By one thing a gamer can directly rack up his position is by continuously revamping his Avatar in a most fashionable way he can. And by this means the player is supposed to choose the most attractive Avatar to continue.

The player can also have the most desirable fashion accessories and the clothes best suited on his avatar but the secret lies in the self-design. The player can possess uniqueness in his avatar by making out of the league styling sensation in his avatar.

Just be Friends & Not Competitors

Movie Star Planet is itself a unique platform along with the gaming DNA which opens up new avenues for the gamers to make new friends online. Unlike other games which require the players to be an enemy, opponent and compete with other players, Movie Star Planet, on the other hand, let players befriend other players in the community.

The tip might be anonymous but it would rather heat up the gaming experience of the player. It is known that if competitiveness rises beyond level in any game, players start leaving, eventually making the game dull and monotonous. In turn, it is healthy to be sociable and cordial with another player to keep the game interesting and populous.

Try to Access VIP Features

The game will no doubt keep up the pace all the time and will make its players excited but at times, one requires to jump to break the speed barrier. The game will require expertise in the decoration of rooms and clothing fashion of avatar but to heighten the experience one must unlock the advanced features soon.

It is sad to know that there are some locks in the game features but on the other hand, there’s an exciting news that it can trespass with some real money. Yes, the player can get a cool free Moviestarplant VIP membership with his money or can even access the features by cheats. In both the cases, being a VIP member is lucrative which one must not ignore. Remember that VIP membership will give an exceptional allowance of lot many clothes, fashion accessories and room decorating tools.

Last but not the least, enjoying a game is much more important than all other frivolous competitions and game levels. Enjoy the game Movie Star Planet and find it soothing for its artistic skill appeal and addictiveness. Also, one thing to be taken care of is, maintain the latest operating system and flash plugin on the system for better applicability of tips and tricks of the game.

MSP Unlocked

MovieStarPlanet Unblocked – A Guide for MSP Ban and Block

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This piece of work is for all those who got themselves unintentionally blocked from MSP and searching for Moviestarplanet unblocked. In coming series of talks, we’ll get to know and truly understand the origin of certain blocks, their respective nature of origin as to why they force themselves upon our programs, how they lock us from doing or accessing certain pages and applications and what is the gateway from these blocks in an easy guide.

#1 IP Ban


What are these IP Bans and why they even pop up on our screens?

This kind of locks can be assumed as permanent blocks if the user is in no mood to go through MSP, but hold on, they are sometimes arrogant and tries hard to not to leave even when done some exercise over it. It warns the user that the computer system is locked and the same fate is met by the mobile app too as it will also be locked in the mobile, in case the user installs the app with that locked computer.

Now here the role of MSP in banning is that it acquires the IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) which is as unique as a fingerprint. Just in case, every single mobile, laptop or computer managing to get access to the internet has IP address. Now, coming back to the role of MSP in blocking is that, it holds any of the IP address and directs its servers to cease transmittance and blocks it till the experts and IT team manages to get through the block.

What is the actual reason of getting locked?

Apparently, it has only one thing to do and that is to display lock numbers and that lock number is equally important for the user to get back into the application or game. One thing to be noted down here is that this lock number will prove a boon to the user, as it will be the source or reference while contacting the concerned regarding the lock. As there is always some reasons of being locked which are sometimes termed as the inappropriate following of terms and conditions. Still, there is always a hope and without any second thought, try for contacting the concerned.

How to get unlocked?

First of all, contact and show them your lock number while also asking the reason of getting blocked, while in between do whatever the message asks you to do as it may relieve you even early. Still, if the user doesn’t have any idea as to why it has been locked out, he can shoot an email stating his username, his place i.e. country and the given lock number for the reference. Meanwhile, ask for the reason of getting blocked and sit back with the reasonable amount of time for getting a reply. And yes, don’t forget to insert your movie star’s nickname for getting yourself introduced.

If in case a user knows the reason behind of him getting locked and wonder if it is a violation of terms and conditions than the only way is to get through this is to procure a new computer system. All this happened to be in between IP block while creating a new user and if the concerned clearly denies for unlocking, then it’s all gone from the hands of the user. One of the other ways could be an app, but that options might also slip through in the meantime.

#2 Permanent locks

MSP Permanent locks

What is the permanent lock although we got a hint from the word ‘permanent’?

It is the final and permanent ban from the MSP and it won’t give a user any other chance to access again. Let us repeat it again, it is a permanent block and consider that a user is out of the MSP server. There will be no block number in this case, as the server is no mood to unblock the user by any chance.

What is the reason for this permanent block?

Typically, it is the highest form of any blockage and the nature of block is strict so, there is no use of contacting the MSP servers, as there is no reference to be given. Also, know this that the username is also deleted so servers will not have a record of the username. While in other cases a block number is provided for any further communication but this time, user do have bad luck. No block or reference number means no further communication, the decision is been taken and the user is out of the league.

How to get Unlocked?

There is no way to unblock this kind of account and only one solution is to create another account leaving this behind. As permanent block won’t give any further chance to the user, it is no point to further invest time and patience behind this block scenario.

#3 Time Lock

MSP Time Locks

Time locks are that kind of locks which restrains its user for logging into the account for a certain amount of time. And that certain amount of time can be a ‘lot’ of time as If in case, the server displays a lock period of 1000 years than it is of no use to wait and watch. Yes, the server can offer such mind boggling time interval just to throw user out of the game by a polite demand of grace period.

Is there any reason of getting locked?

If the server provides any lock number or any reason for the block than the user is required to not to repeat that mistake again. But if in case no reason is provided along with that staggering amount of time, then one must acknowledge the irony of human life and let go of that account.

Is there any way to get Unlocked in this Situation?

Fortunately, if a user is blocked for a limited period of time say 1 day or 1 month, then he has to just sit and relax till it gets open for him and allows him to carry on once again. But if the time period is at its peak, then It will be of no use just to admit that the account is gone forever.


MSP Warnings

This kind of lock is just a warning from the server and one must take care of what it has to say. There will be a time period say 5 minutes in which the user will not be allowed to perform any activity. However, the user will be able to log in again but this time he will just have to bear some patience and not to try messaging, chat or update any status for the time period given by the server.

What is the Reason of Getting Locked?

The reason will be explained and also it is requested not to repeat the same mistake again. One should keep this in mind, that if the user tries to perform anything again which the server has reminded about than it will be a permanent block this time.

How to Get Unlocked After the Warning?

It is just a mutual agreement between the user and the server to not to try all those mistakes again. The user will have to click on yes and accept the rules given by the server, that’s it.

That’s all about Moviestarplanet Unlocked, I hope this article will help you to get your account unlocked from MSP.

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