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By August 25, 2019MSP Guide
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Game developers are always behind the concept to actualize the imagination in order to suffice the needs of gamers. Here, in the popular MovieStarPlanet, the gamers can experience the limelight and the joy of being a celebrity with loads of money virtually. Sounds exciting? If yes, then be ready to dive into the glamorous world of movie star and celebrities.

What is so great about MovieStarPlanet Game

The game is a total fun and while playing, it will give an immersive experience to the gamers by providing them with a privilege of becoming a fashionable avatar. The player is free to choose his dressing outfit and can also invent movies. MovieStarPlanet will make its users lose their sense of time as it allows the user to appear in any avatar of his preference and let the user discover his artistic skills by the means of styling up his character in numerous ways.

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Players of this game can also use the MovieStarPlanet hack to get unlimited starcoins, world locks, and even gems and then they can use them to style up their characters and many more things. It is one of the innovative and interactive game which will let its users enjoy the stardom by their own wish. And for those who always look for something cute and lovable within their journey, there is a sweet little pet, Boonies, to stretch that smile a little extra.

Not to Miss Important Updates

MovieStarPlanet on iPhone will have always latest updates for its users. The agenda here is to regularly fantasize its users with latest features such as pet caring, designing of clothes, decoration of the room and having some leisure time while watching Youtube Videos on the go.

The developers at MovieStarPlanet are always behind the idea of providing something new and attractive to their users in order to make the most of it. Some of the cool new features after the latest update are:

  • Fashionista Clothes designing
  • Pet caring
  • Movie Designing
  • Artbooks and Avatar Designing
  • CHAT room for having conversations with New Friends
  • Watch Youtube Videos
  • Gameplay

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Things to be considered before installing MovieStarPlanet on iPhone

There are some preliminary checks before a user can go further to download and install the MovieStarPlanet on his iPhone. So, let’s go through those steps and make the installation smooth and easy. First of all, the game requires the OS 5.1.1 or above, so if in case a user hadn’t got his iPhone updated, he is now required to update his OS vehicle will allow him to jump one step ahead in the installation process. After the latest update, the user now needs at least 98.6 MB of storage free on his device to completely unzip the installation of the game, so, it is suggested that he can uninstall any unnecessary application on his iPhone.

Now, the user will have an important choice in which he has to choose the latest game version i.e. Version 19.3 to fully experience all those elaborated gaming features including the CHAT room. The feature will give its users the choice to chat between the game with other active users in real time.

Now in the next step, a user can also choose his preferred language other than English like Portuguese, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Swedish or even accustomed Chinese. The multiple language features will give liberty to understand the game more easily and will help in making new friends according to the suitable language.

MovieStarPlanet is for both Android and iPhone

The game is popular for its movie creation feature which allows its users to present their artistic skills on the platform where one can share his creation online. This activity is also recognized by the game currency called StarCoins.

MovieStarPlanet is an ultimate place for truly unleashing your artistic potential along with interaction with new friends online in a CHAT room. Children will have a fun time playing the game while understanding the actual designing techniques through virtual means. The game can also be fast-forwarded by paying a certain amount to quickly evolve the characters and the gameplay. MovieStarPlanet can be enjoyed on all the platforms including Play Store, App Store and on PC.

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