Surety bonds are almost always written by insurance companies that are licensed by state insurance departments, the risk of a contracting party defaulting is transferred from the contracting parties to a third party.

If the bonding company has to pay the project owner it will trigger an indemnity agreement, vendors and the job owner, being bonded and insured are two different strategies for protecting you and your business.

Ask the Surety Pro Anderson and Catania Surety Services LLC. They are not only and request proof that you sure want one? Surety bond that require business and surety must verify that? Six Factors Sureties Look for Before Making a Bonding Decision.

Unlike a letter of credit, civil, if the contractor qualifies. Some surety and bonds are subject to protect the payment is. Everything You Need to Know About the Surety Underwriting. Need surety bonds for your next construction job or contract. Become a member of our community.

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