Even if a person is free of gross forms of bigotryabhorred and declining in contemporary America, such as stereotypical racialor ethnic prejudice, she will hold some opinions that are in part formed bygroup associations.

It may be no accident that Bush, severely behind in the polls in California, transferredsome of the aid scheduled to go to the riot scarred neighborhoods of Los Angeles to thehurricane impacted areas of Florida.

The Police Commission, the civilian panel that oversee the operation of the Police Department, also began an inquiry. VENUEThus contextualized, Corona is not good authority for changing venueprimarily on the basis of intense publicity.

Black attitudes continue to display substantial distrust ofwhite intentions and of predominantly white institutions. There is also the fact that Mr King was a convicted felon on parole, but Mr White did not want the jury to know that. All jurors were married and had children.

Briseno testified that the stomp was an effort to get King down so that the other officers would stop their clubbing. In analyzing the question, we may look to the decisions by the intermediate appellate courts of the state for guidance. Not a Bloomberg Law Subscriber?

People would be outraged.