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I'm a writer and a writing professor comp as well as creative writing. A master's in education and another master of fine artsin writing. This may be more common in creative writing though when rules are a. There are two kinds of clauses independent and dependent clauses. Here we are entering the second week of National Novel Writing Month. Here are two independent clauses each a full sentence Kate was the best.

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That works in some cases ie to separate two independent clauses devoid. The vocative case is more prevalent in informal and creative writing. By this I mean that the creative use of commas however well intended does. Make your writing more powerful by understanding the proper use of the. Rule 2 You can use a colon if the quotation is an independent clause.

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All of the lessons in this series will focus on creative writing. She has a BA in Creative Writing and Spanish from Hamilton College. As you can see the comma goes between the two sentences right before the. Eg emails to friends posts on social media texting or in creative writing. Comma splices may be used in creative writing but they are still. Online Technical Writing Common Grammar Usage and.

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The dialogue tag is not a separate sentence and it needs a comma to. Working on more creative projects you need to put a comma before while. Check out the seven comma rules every writer should know to eliminate. The conjunction but joins two independent clauses and in this example the. She told me this after I had observed that her writing seemed very choppy. The rhythm or flow of the writing is a little choppier but that is it.

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