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Prosecutors may have little use for this kind of assessment and instead present a narrative based on rational choice and the need for punishment.

ATTENDANCE AT HEARING: PARENT OR OTHER GUARDIAN. The court held that because the other records alluded to by Jarrett did not lead Òto a conviction or punishmentÓ they did not have to be reviewed by the district court. Happens After a Disposition Hearing?

However, as a result of Get Tough Era reforms to increase the visibility, accountability, and punishment powers of juvenile courts, about half the states authorized public access to all delinquency proceedings or to felony prosecutions.

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This is the delicate balance of juvenile work. RIGHT TO ASSISTANCE OF ATTORNEY; COMPENSATION. Power to appreciate their counterparts who are generally located by or without a trial, juveniles with the cities of a judicial waivers and ensure that the number for? Juvenile proceedings take place in a closed courtroom, while adult proceedings are typically public. Younger adolescents are at greater risk to confess falsely than older ones.

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Usually the fine is the same as the waiver penalty. So, while many states appoint counsel for youth for all or most stages of a status offense case, others do not do so until the child faces the threat of incarceration. In contrast, jurors hear only a few cases and undergo careful procedures to test bias for each case.

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