Cassandra stands out among database systems and offers some advantages over other systems. It hinted me how to mock a service with string identities instead of integer identities. Now lets create a db.

Otherwise, the performance gains possible with partial response might not be realized. We will have to rewrite some of that logic to fetch nicknames as JSON and decode them. Create another file employees.

Api that this post, url that way this post json server provides different since then? API against hundreds of simulated concurrent users from different geographic regions. This blog post has been originally published on Medium.

The answer depends on what you want to achieve, and what you currently have in place. This is especially useful when the required backend routes have not been finished yet. Claiming a barcode reader means that scanned barcodes will be reported to the server.

It is expected that the server and the client will negotiate on how the data is represented. Yet, despite the decentralization, it still allows users to have control and access to data. Sites like Reddit and Digg have chosen to use Cassandra as a persistent cache for their data.

Oh good, we broke everything.