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Comparison present simple vs. Children have gone to bed. They were always arguing. Are you still feeling queasy? Why are you being so selfish? Someone should silence him. The difference is very slight. What Do Teachers Need to Know? We are visiting the museum in the afternoon.

You can add your own CSS here. Is John working right now? He is going to the library. We work every day of the week. But now comes the tricky part! Jenny looks really good today. The Sirens of Titan right now. Yo estoy leyendo este blog. What is the difference between preposition inside and into? Alfredo is studying a lot for his exam.

How are you feeling today? Her boyfriend is waiting for her. John playing football today? This content already exists. She is learning how to cook. Add unique ID to tab controls. But why is it there?

What are you doing this weekend? Thank you for your teaching style! The cat has caught the mouse. London is the capital of the UK. Thanks sir for this great lesson! Android App from Google Play. Can I get some more information? They are having a nice house. The structure is the same! It is largely interchangeable with the simple present though. What is the rule for conjugation of the present continuous? Students will recognize and use the present continuous tense. Exercises are reserved for account holders.

Please enter a valid username. Learn English at Englishpage. Your site has been fantastic. Past continuous or past simple? He is traveling around the world. France is a great place to live. She has walked home alone. This name is not available. That book looks very interesting. Today people are mainly using their phones to shop online. Does it make sense?

English speakers that on many occasions Present Simple can be substituted with Present Continuous and for that I provided a bit of a Grammar background. In With Touch