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  1. The case of abbreviations or abbreviation of referring to. It is contained in some foods, including dairy products. PERT contains various standardized symbols within its diagram format.
  2. Stay at Work Program Stay at Work is a financial incentive that encourages employers to bring their injured workers quickly and safely back to lightduty or transitional work by reimbursing them for some of their costs.
  3. Mathematical term, and applicable more generally, to justify the use of an isolated case in proving an issue, when the need for wider evidence is not required or is irrelevant and would be a waste of time. Beware potential discrimination litigation hazards, ie.
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TESE: Testicular Sperm Extraction.
WAS: What should we do this weekend?
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When we abbreviate a word or phrase, we shorten it.
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For example, the initials of the name Aaron Davis are AD.
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Synonymous with a local school system or a local school district, indicating that a public board of education or other public authority maintains administrative control of the public schools in a city or county.

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The study of the kidneys.
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AIDS is an acronym; HIV is an abbreviation.
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Evaluate, Plan, Action, Check, Amend.
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English, as well as words.
Creative writing is found in novels, poetry and short stories.
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Especially at the golf club.
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The ability to resist infection.
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When the danger was close, the police had to close the road. Find a more direct alternative to make your point clear. Polite version of motivational expression used in the Royal Navy.

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Common faults in filling of radiological request forms. While some of these can obviously be eliminated, others cannot. You can talk to anyone in the world for free only by using Skype.

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Europe and the Americas; their reference point is the birth of Christ.